Behind my blogs name!!

Behind my blogs name!!

Hey guys!! Welcome back to Chickalou and today I thought it would be fun to share with you why I named my blog Chickalou!! Lets get into it!!

Ok so if your thinking, “wow she named her blog after the restaurant chick-fil-a” that’s not why I named my blog Chickalou!! “although that’s what my brothers think” XDXD

So, I named my blog Chickalou because of a silly nick-name my siblings made up for me, I’m sure it sounds crazy but it’s totally true!!

When I first decided that I was going to blog I had no idea what I was going to name it, then I realized that Chickalou sounded perfect and unique and I decided to go with it.

I love the name Chickalou, I think it fits this blog and my personality perfectly. Although it sounds different and is really rare, I love it!!

I hope y ‘all enjoyed this post and getting to know me and my blog better!! Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

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