4th of July (Fireworks + Photoshoot)

Hey guys!! I love the 4th of July for so many different reasons but most especially because of the fireworks! (who doesn’t love fireworks) And that is why today’s post is filled with fireworks, sparklers and even a sort of mini photoshoot! Also in advance I apologize for the length of this post.

Have fun and enjoy!


Isn’t this just beautiful?
I love how the smoke is surrounding the sparks.
she is adorable!!!
I thought this looked really cool.
This one is my favorite, it just looks so awesome!


First we went to behind an old barn and snapped a few pictures.

Sorry my face is really blurry!

Next we went and sat on an old red tractor which was super cool for taking pictures on.

The lighting in this photo is super good!
This is cute to
I forgot to pull my braids forward.
This pictures is super original and basically just supposed to be funny!


At last, my favorite pictures, but as you may notice I’m in a few of these photo’s and so I must admit I forgot to take pictures of the fireworks. But don’t worry, Hannah so generously let me borrow some of hers!

I don’t know why but I think this picture is so pretty!
This was part of the grand finely and it was beautiful.

Well that’s that, I hope you enjoyed reading this! What did you do for the 4th of July?

P.S. what picture did you guy’s like best?

P.S.S. did you guys like the firework pictures, the sparklers pictures or the mini photoshoot pictures best?


Camping + Summer Playlist

Hey guys!! If you have ever gone camping for the fourth of July? If so, you know how much fun it is. This year my family went to a campground for the fourth of July, where they had a pond to swim in and where my sister and I got a few fun pictures. But, since their are only a few pictures I thought it would be fun to add in some of my favorite song’s, adding to the fun of this post.

The thing behind me is a raft that someone had tied to the dock we were doing the photoshoot at so it ended up in most of the photos.

I don’t know why but this is my favorite photo out of the whole photoshoot.

That’s the last of the photo’s so now onto the playlist…

I love this song because it points out that our land is a broken place, their are awful thing’s going on in the world right now, but those thing’s aren’t going to change if we fight against one another, we need to come together and unite to change the way our world is.

Their are so many distractions in life right now that it’s hard to find the freedom and time to be with Jesus or to talk about Him. But this song is speaking directly to that problem, it speaks directly to the point in the Bible where Jesus say’s, “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” the heart of a child is humble and open to new ideas, so have a child’s heart, learn new thing’s and humble yourself.

I love this song because it’s fun to listen to and because it’s super encouraging and always lightens my mood.

I hope you all had fun reading this post. If you did and want to share your favorite song, comment down below. Thanks for reading,

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

do you like to go camping?

Freedom and Perfection

Hey guys!! Have you ever thought that you couldn’t take anything more? That you had to much to carry?

I have felt like that so many time’s and find it really hard to let Jesus take everything that I’m carrying because I feel like when I do that, I’m not in control anymore, I’m not the one leading, except that the whole time I haven’t been leading, I just haven’t had the reassurance that whatever happened was God’s plan and was perfect and wonderful even if it didn’t look like that to me.

The truth is, there are so many thing’s that are weighing me down that I’m afraid to let them go because if I do I won’t have control over them. But Jesus doesn’t just want me to tell him about the problem, he want’s me to give him the problem, because he want’s to make whatever that problem is into a beautiful thing in my life.

You may say that the weight’s you are carrying are to heavy to let go of. Their not, Jesus died and when he died he took up ever sin and weight making his crucifixion 10 times more painful but no pain would ever stop Jesus from loving his children, and making a way for them to be with him forever in Heaven.

Why, because Jesus created you for a set-apart purpose, no one else has a purpose just like yours. You were made to fulfill that purpose.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope ya’ll enjoyed that little rant of mine. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

Wildflowers + Sisters Photoshoot

Hey guys!! I’m so exited to finally be sharing with you some photos that I think turned out beautifully of me and my sister. We took these pictures in a nearby field at about dusk, even though for some reason the pictures turned out fairly bright.

Before we get started, I thought it would be fun to share a few rather random photo’s of my siblings just for the sake of being random!

And now, without further ado, I present the sister’s photoshoot!😉

I so wish this photo had been in focus!

I think this is absolutely beautiful!!

Photo credit to Hannah for taking all the pictures of me! Thanks’ again for doing this photoshoot!


Well ya’ll, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and everything that came along with it. Thanks again for reading and have a spectacular rest of the day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

which photo did you like best?


Hey guys!! Today’s post is picking up from where I left of last week of our road trip to Kansas City. I don’t really have much else to say so I’ll let you have a peak at the rest of the pictures from our road trip.

I hope you enjoy!

The picture was actually taken at Fritz’s.

Wednesday we went to a park that had all sorts of fun things to do like fishing, pony-rides, gold mining, ice-cream, fun slides, animals and lots more. But before we could stop their we went to an IKEA and grabbed some cinnamon rolls for the next morning, and cookies because everyone in my family is absessed with IKEA cookies!!


Next was pony-rides and fishing.

And last but not least the baby goats!

My little brother was curious to why the goats enjoyed licking a brown block of salt.

His efforts to pick up a goat was not long lived.

This park was so much fun, but after walking around all day everyone was hungry and no one could think of a better place to go then to one of the restaurants only known to Kansas City.

Sorry about my odd expression here.

I also got a t-shirt, just to remember how much fun we had their!

Later, we went to this fun ice-cream place called Sheridan’s where everyone enjoyed a frozen clustered while watching some beautiful waterfalls!

Then it was time to go. We were all sad to leave but ready to be home!

But, before we went home we stopped at the Basilica and Gateway Arch, adding more fun to our trip!

photo credit to Hannah
photo credit to Hannah
photo credit to Hannah

Truthfully I was scared half to death to go up in this thing just because of how thin it looks when you look up at it from the ground, but when we got to the top I was having so much fun I totally forgot we were so high!!!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post and have a great rest of the day!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

Kansas City + Vacation Part 1

Hey guys!! A few weeks ago my family went to Kansas City for a sort of mini vacation. We had so many fun adventures there, that I fear this post will take a while to read. But hopefully by the end, you will be glad you read it!

Ok so lets get into things.

photo credit to Hannah

We left on a Saturday and came back on a Thursday, so it was about a week. The drive to Kansas City took about thirteen hours, roughly because of all the stops we had to make along the way, but other then that the trip up was fine.

photo credit to Hannah

We got to Kansas City Saturday night and didn’t really do much till Monday because we were all tired from the long drive.

photo credit to Hannah

Monday we went to a shopping plaza called Zona Rosa, that was pretty big and had a lot of stores that everyone had fun exploring.

photo credit to Hannah
photo credit to Hannah

This emoji tin is so cute!

photo credit to Hannah

We went into a Christian clothing store and it had this adorable sign that explains my little sister perfectly.

And after clothes shopping for a while we went to a place called build-a-bear, and two of my siblings built bears that are extremely soft and fluffy.

Tuesday we went to this fun grocery store that had these silly mirrors, my younger siblings had tons of fun playing in.

After that we went to a sort of museum called Union Station and looked at all the fun trains and such until we decided it was time for a short snack before dinner.

This train restaurant named Fritz’s was so much fun! Each table looks like a train car and you order your food from a phone at the table, we all had fun taking turns calling to order fries, drinks and whatnot.

This is where the adventure ends this week, but before you go, I’ll show you one more picture of two cute little boys eating watermelon.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post, I know that we had ton’s of fun on our trip as you will see in the next post or part 2 of our mini vacation.

Have a fantastic rest of the day,

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

Animal Award

Hey guys!! Today my post is obviously an award post that was so generously given to my by Raegan. Thanks again for nominating me!!

Ok so first I get to answer the questions Reagan gave me, and then I get to make up five more questions for my nominees to answer, and lastly I get to pick a few people to nominate!

The rules…

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Nominate at least three or more bloggers.

3. Tell the people you nominated that you nominated them.

4. Come up with fun animal questions.

5. Get up and pet your animal. (if you have one)

Raegans Questions For Me!

1. Do you have a pet? And what kind is it?

Yes, I have a 9 month old aussiedoodle!

2. If you could have any animal in the world what would you have?

Hmm…I like all animals but if I had to choose just one it would probably be a horse!!

3. What is your favorite animal?

Uhm, a horse probably!

4. What is your favorite type of wild animal?

A lion! I absolutely love the wild look in their eyes!

5. What is the weirdest animal you have ever seen?

Probably a Zebroid, they are extremely strange but in a way beautiful!

That was the last question that Raegan gave me so now I will present my questions…

My Questions For My Nominees!

1. Would you name your animal after a food?

2. What would you do if your pet ran away?

3. Would you leave your animal when you went on vacation or would you take it with you?

4. Do you prefer cats to dogs or dogs to cats, why?

My Nominees




Well ya’ll, that seams to be the end of the show. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the questions and I hope everyone I nominated has as much fun as I did!

Thanks again for reading and have a fantastic rest of the day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

Inspirational Quotes (And My Thoughts On Them)

Hey guys!! I recently have been going through a time in my life where I can’t seem to stay positive! I used to be a really positive person but now I struggle to find things to be thankful for. So instead of ranting on and on about myself I thought it would be a good idea to find some inspirational quotes and sayings to encourage and uplift myself and anyone else who reads this post!

I found that some of these quotes really are uplifting. If you think about them they relate to so many common problems teens and adults are dealing with now-a-days.

I have found that prayer, inspiration, and encouragement are three things that really help me when I’m feeling down. I find those things in books, music, and sometimes even in other people.

I hope you find these quotes and sayings uplifting and encouraging, now lets jump in, I hope you enjoy the ride!

The comeback is always stronger then the setback

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try

Be the reason someone smiles today (Just one small smile can make someone feel worth it and valued)

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody (This is called objectifying, it’s what happens when one person make’s somebody else feel like an object, either by ignoring them or socially shunning them. It is so sad when this happens’ because then people feel worthless and under-par which leads to some of the huge problems in our world)

Live in the moment (I think this is a huge one because so much of the time we are thinking about something that happened or that is going to happen and not what is going on right then in our lives)

Don’t trade your authenticity for approval (I think this is especially true for teen girls. I sometimes feel like if I don’t fit in or am not approved that I don’t matter and that I’m worthless, but the truth is, God is the only who can tell you what you truly are)

Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles (XD I just had to include this one)

No beauty shines brighter than a good heart (True beauty come’s from the heart and make’s you shine)

Its okay to be a glowstick. Sometimes we have to break before we shine (This is so true)

How to succeed in life?

Talk – Softly; (But don’t whisper)

Eat – Sensibly; (And not with your hands)

Breathe – Deeply; (But don’t sigh)

Sleep – Sufficiently; (And don’t snore)

Dress – Smartly; (And not cheaply)

Act – Fearlessly; (But don’t brag)

Work – Patiently; (And not aggressively)

Think – Creatively; (And help others)

Behave – Decently; (And not worthlessly)

Earn – Honestly; (Always)

Save – Regularly; (But don’t horde)

Spend – Intelligently. (And not quickly)

Well ya’ll, that’s if for today. I hope you found this post uplifting, helpful and somewhat funny!XD

Thanks again for reading and have a spectacular rest of the day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

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Spring Lilacs And A Whole Lot More (Photoshoot)

Hey guys!! It’s been quite a while since I last posted, I hope you don’t mind. Today’s post is a spring photoshoot, which you probably already know from the title. However, it is extremely hard to photograph yourself and so my sister took these pictures for me!! Thanks Hannah🙂

This photoshoot was super fun and the sun was perfect. I had never done a midday photoshoot before and was surprised at how well it turned out!!

And now onto the photos!

The picture is so bright!
I like how this picture looks so natural!
I like love the angle in this picture<3
The sun is hitting my hair in such a way this it almost looks red!

Well ya’ll that’s it for today. I hope you all enjoyed this photoshoot and I do hope to do more in the following months! (I mean summer photoshoots)😉

Thanks again for reading and have a great rest of the day!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

which is your favorite picture?

what is your favorite color for a flower?