Hey guys!! Today’s post is picking up from where I left of last week of our road trip to Kansas City. I don’t really have much else to say so I’ll let you have a peak at the rest of the pictures from our road trip.

I hope you enjoy!

The picture was actually taken at Fritz’s.

Wednesday we went to a park that had all sorts of fun things to do like fishing, pony-rides, gold mining, ice-cream, fun slides, animals and lots more. But before we could stop their we went to an IKEA and grabbed some cinnamon rolls for the next morning, and cookies because everyone in my family is absessed with IKEA cookies!!


Next was pony-rides and fishing.

And last but not least the baby goats!

My little brother was curious to why the goats enjoyed licking a brown block of salt.

His efforts to pick up a goat was not long lived.

This park was so much fun, but after walking around all day everyone was hungry and no one could think of a better place to go then to one of the restaurants only known to Kansas City.

Sorry about my odd expression here.

I also got a t-shirt, just to remember how much fun we had their!

Later, we went to this fun ice-cream place called Sheridan’s where everyone enjoyed a frozen clustered while watching some beautiful waterfalls!

Then it was time to go. We were all sad to leave but ready to be home!

But, before we went home we stopped at the Basilica and Gateway Arch, adding more fun to our trip!

photo credit to Hannah
photo credit to Hannah
photo credit to Hannah

Truthfully I was scared half to death to go up in this thing just because of how thin it looks when you look up at it from the ground, but when we got to the top I was having so much fun I totally forgot we were so high!!!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post and have a great rest of the day!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

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