My favorite foods/dishes!!

My favorite foods/dishes!!

Hey guys!! Welcome back to Chickalou and today I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of my favorite dishes/desserts!! Lets get into it!!

Best Ever Banana Bundt Cake |

This banana-bread is personally one of my favorite desserts/breakfasts because of its amazing taste and different shape!! I never thought you could totally transform a vary simple almost boring food into an amazing creation!!

Crisp Tilapia Sticks_

Fried fish is a really unique food, the reason I say that is because their are so many different ways you can prepare it. I like it with some spice but not a lot!!;)

Cookies!! Soft, crunchy, chewy, or all three combined!! Mmm…I can never pass up one of my sisters perfectly browned but still soft chocolate-chip peanut-butter cookies!!

Ice-cream!! I am a full on ice-cream person, I love ice-cream of all kinds, I even like ice-cream in the winter!! Come on, I mean who eats ice-cream in the winter?? XD

Well y’all that’s a wrap!! I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading, have a great day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

5 thoughts on “My favorite foods/dishes!!

  1. It all sounds so good! Ice cream’s one of my favorites, and I love eating it in winter too! Cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite desserts.

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  2. Hey Lucy!
    I absolutely love ice cream, no matter the season! Although, I am not allowed to eat it in winter ;p. Anyway, just found your blog, its awesome!! Wanna be friends?

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