4th of July (Fireworks + Photoshoot)

4th of July (Fireworks + Photoshoot)

Hey guys!! I love the 4th of July for so many different reasons but most especially because of the fireworks! (who doesn’t love fireworks) And that is why today’s post is filled with fireworks, sparklers and even a sort of mini photoshoot! Also, in advance I apologize for the length of this post.

Have fun and enjoy!


Isn’t this just beautiful?
I love how the smoke is surrounding the sparks.
she is adorable!!!
I thought this looked really cool.
This one is my favorite, it just looks so awesome!


First we went to behind an old barn and snapped a few pictures.

Sorry my face is really blurry!

Next we went and sat on an old red tractor which was super cool for taking pictures on.

The lighting in this photo is super good!
This is cute to
I forgot to pull my braids forward.
This pictures is super original and basically just supposed to be funny!


At last, my favorite pictures, but as you may notice I’m in a few of these photo’s and so I must admit I forgot to take pictures of the fireworks. But don’t worry, Hannah so generously let me borrow some of hers!

I don’t know why but I think this picture is so pretty!
This was part of the grand finely and it was beautiful.

Well that’s that, I hope you enjoyed reading this! What did you do for the 4th of July?

P.S. what picture did you guy’s like best?

P.S.S. did you guys like the firework pictures, the sparklers pictures or the mini photoshoot pictures best?

31 thoughts on “4th of July (Fireworks + Photoshoot)

    1. I do plan on continuing to blog, but for as for right now I am taking a break. It has been almost a year long break, but I do plan to start up again in the not to distant future😊

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