Kansas City + Vacation Part 1

Kansas City + Vacation Part 1

Hey guys!! A few weeks ago my family went to Kansas City for a sort of mini vacation. We had so many fun adventures there, that I fear this post will take a while to read. But hopefully by the end, you will be glad you read it!

Ok so lets get into things.

photo credit to Hannah

We left on a Saturday and came back on a Thursday, so it was about a week. The drive to Kansas City took about thirteen hours, roughly because of all the stops we had to make along the way, but other then that the trip up was fine.

photo credit to Hannah

We got to Kansas City Saturday night and didn’t really do much till Monday because we were all tired from the long drive.

photo credit to Hannah

Monday we went to a shopping plaza called Zona Rosa, that was pretty big and had a lot of stores that everyone had fun exploring.

photo credit to Hannah
photo credit to Hannah

This emoji tin is so cute!

photo credit to Hannah

We went into a Christian clothing store and it had this adorable sign that explains my little sister perfectly.

And after clothes shopping for a while we went to a place called build-a-bear, and two of my siblings built bears that are extremely soft and fluffy.

Tuesday we went to this fun grocery store that had these silly mirrors, my younger siblings had tons of fun playing in.

After that we went to a sort of museum called Union Station and looked at all the fun trains and such until we decided it was time for a short snack before dinner.

This train restaurant named Fritz’s was so much fun! Each table looks like a train car and you order your food from a phone at the table, we all had fun taking turns calling to order fries, drinks and whatnot.

This is where the adventure ends this week, but before you go, I’ll show you one more picture of two cute little boys eating watermelon.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post, I know that we had ton’s of fun on our trip as you will see in the next post or part 2 of our mini vacation.

Have a fantastic rest of the day,

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

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