Spring Photography

Spring Photography

Hey guys!! Spring is in the air!! I love to be outside when spring is around, you can see flowers blooming and birds singing, rain falling and children playing, it really is a beautiful time that only come’s around once a year.

I love taking pictures after it rains!! The flowers have droplets of water on them and it makes the pictures look so much more elaborate and beautiful!! Today it was raining and I thought it would be the perfect time to snap a few pictures!!

I hope you enjoy!!:)

I really like all the colors and textures in this picture, it make’s it interesting and beautiful.

These are the most beautiful at night, but I thought they looked vary unique up close, so I decided to included them in this photoshoot!!

The sharp lime green and the rust red together really make this picture stand out from the wrest!!

I didn’t even notice the tip of the pine-tree in the background until I was editing this picture, but it really adds a lot to it!!

The brown and green in this picture really tell you that its spring, don’t they?

You see this stuff a lot on wood, but I have never really taken a look at it before. It actually is kind of pretty!

The color change here is dramatic. The green part of the bush almost looks like it’s trying to swallow up the reddish brown dead part!

Water droplets!!

This picture is probably my favorite. I love how the water droplets glistens in the sun!!

This little puddle of water caught my eye, it looks so natural and beautiful on top of a rock that really doesn’t have much beauty itself.

I hope you guy’s enjoyed this post, I had ton’s of fun taking these picture’s and putting it all together, thanks so much for reading and have a great day!!

❤ ❤ Lucy!!

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